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7 Restaurants With Great Website

Most of us like to find new places to eat outside. Say, for example, you are looking for a restaurant to have lunch in Hobart. However, when we go and surf the restaurant website, what do we actually discover? Location? Obviously. The lunch menu? Definitely. But should there not be more to it? How can we be completely sure that if we pick this particular restaurant, we are going to have a great time? A good restaurant site would make persuading a whole lot easier.

For me personally, as a net designer, a restaurant site is a manifestation of the superiority of its service and food. A badly constructed or mediocre site won’t provide that restaurant a good impression on the client side. How often have we found ourselves looking for a local restaurant to eat, and opt out due to inferior restaurant website design? How frequently have we seen a site for restaurant displaying ugly or unappetizing visuals?

In the following guide, I have assembled a dozen examples of well-designed and yummy-looking sites of the tiny regional restaurants across the world. These best food website layout examples definitely did make me wish to spend a day in the areas they represent.

Have fun surfing. I must warn you, however – better catch some snack prior to opening the website – the images might be exceedingly mouth-watering!

1. Royal Plate (New York, USA)

Opening our listing is among the most amazing restaurant sites ever produced. Royal Plate concentrates in the freshly made bakery, as well as the site includes a complete source of it. Biscuits, pancakes, fruit & berry pies are showcased from all angles possible and with additives conceivable.

An intriguing concept utilized by this restaurant would be that the Instagram dish reel named Royal Plate Moments. Every customer is invited to donate to the collection by incorporating the various hashtag for their articles. An extremely smart method to foster the cuisine and bring new admirers into it.

2. Marché Notre-Dame (Québec, Canada)

Minimalism in all of its attractiveness, this site is intended to resemble a classic signboard. Menu entries have been interestingly unfolded from the scroll-like fashion, with images of each dish shaft on mouseover.

This is a good illustration of a fantastic website design for the restaurant, that intrigues with its ease and also a light touch of innuendo, which promotes learning more about the area and its own cuisine by diving deeper in the menu segments.

3. Tio Luncín (Lima, Peru)

Various raw goods, components, and cooking gear fly around this site, making the belief of this dish being cooked directly as you scroll down. Smart integration of movie clips adds until the existence effect.

The site is a winner of a few of those fantastic restaurant site design awards, and you may see why. An opaque dark backdrop perfectly harmonizes with neatly left pictures of dishes and food this particular restaurant takes pride in cooking. This is a great example of how to showcase a new picture while remaining focused on what matters for your clientele.

4. Quay (Sydney, Australia)

This restaurant features a perfect place – the southern coast of the Sydney Harbor, just contrary to the famous Opera House. And it is clear it to fit such a place, it had to have one of the greatest restaurant sites on earth.

What the website intends to instill is your feeling of luxury and memorable encounter reminiscent of one of the best breakfast places in Hobart. Along with the menu and reservation alternatives, It’s particularly dedicated web pages concerning the chef, the staff, event organization, and preparation.

The sensation of exquisiteness is further highlighted by exquisite principal hallway and patio visuals with magnificent views. I’d certainly like to consume a freshly cooked Australian fish dish at Quay daily!

5. Baltazar (Istanbul, Turkey)

Welcome to the realm of beef, shawarma, and kebab! Turkish cuisine is renowned for 2 things – meats and desserts. And believe me, the two may be so hot you receive”dragon’s breath” after having them.

Baltazar showcases its dishes in a sense very similar to Tio Luncín, however, it utilizes white background. I found it intriguing how the normal mouse cursor becomes a fashionable arrow once the interface tips for the flat scroll. All specials and featured dishes are presented on the site, so you don’t really have to bother digging to the menu. As soon as you’ve noticed the landing – you definitely won’t turn down the opportunity to see.

6. REEF (Kiev, Ukraine)

The first display of this site is essentially one enormous video clip. Plus it looks like a new and intriguing web design solution! It may leave you celebrating the fish cooking procedure for quite some time.

If you scroll down, a slip reel is introduced, where you could elect to see either the restaurant inside or pictures of dishes. Contacts and menu finish the landing page. This custom web design has nothing in excess, by using its simplicity and smart movie integration, it lets you see and discover what is in store.

7. MOXHE (Bronte, Australia)

The home screen is an infinitely looped live picture of the sea waves washing the shore. No wonder that this restaurant’s most important specialty is fish and fish. A semi-transparent picture of a casing, which seems to behave as the restaurant’s logo, accompanies each loading chain of these auxiliary pages.

On this site, I particularly enjoyed its custom booking system. Among the few excellent examples of how it could be suitably coordinated, without overburdening the user using an inordinate amount of disciplines. The booking procedure contains 5 simple steps (displays ), every prompting you to type just a couple of words. This is what consumers prefer to see if they fill out an internet application.

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