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How SEO Can Benefit Your Business

As a small company or startup seeking to get traction, you know that you want some online exposure. However, it does not matter how visually pleasing your website is. It needs to abide by Google’s 200 plus signal factors and receive consistent attention.

You find yourself wondering:

  • Do I hire a PR team to grab the attention of my target market and prospective business partnerships?
  • Should I post on my social media accounts 3-4 times a week?
  • Should I go to a trade show, network and hope for the best?
  • Can I assume because I’m in the industry that I’ll appear on Google?

Yes, to certain extents and provided luck is on your side. Concentrate on growing your business with SEO. It is the ideal way to cultivate online attention. You are going to receive more organic visitors from a relevant crowd, more visibility for a brand, and more people buying your services and products.

It doesn’t matter how small the company is. If you are a real estate agency in Australia participating in online property sales, you want to capture relevant search queries around this topic. This could encompass your DIY approach or how you sell without agents.

1. There are 3.5 billion Google searches every day

This equates to approximately 100 billion searches every month, or 1.2 trillion searches per year. This is an absurdly large amount of queries. You can understand why many businesses are chasing page one of Google.

With so many people using Google to hunt for specialists in custom website development, new restaurants, or perhaps a branding consultant, you’d be a fool not to be participating in this realm.

What is the first step? Ensure your core landing page has rich and sufficient content. The content should include the keywords of the services and products you are offering.

2. SEO Traffic and E-mail Sign-ups

When you begin a sponsored campaign on networks such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other social media outlet, you may witness your budget quickly decline. These outlets often benefit your exposure, but won’t guarantee clicks. With organic the search, the first position gets 33% of the clicks.

Having SEO done professionally will cost money, but the results are worth it. To get the most out of it, make sure you have assets such as content, images, video, social media accounts all ready to go. As soon as your website is running, packed to the brim with readable, informative, and helpful articles, then the visitors will come pouring in. Google loves fresh content, so implement some dynamic elements on your landing page such as a social media feed or blog. Invest in web design services for small businesses and get started on the right foot.

3. Nail your content and become an authority

If everybody on the internet believes you’ve got theabsolute best content in your industry, then they will send people to you. Not only can your articles talk to those subscribers, but they will trust you. When it is time to jump in and purchase your goods, you will hopefully be the first preference.

How do you succeed in this strategy?

Copywriting with knowledge of SEO is essential. The wording of your content needs to be rich, readable and valuable. If you can’t write, then enlist the services of a professional copywriter.

Have a strong brand message, and convey it across your website and social media. Engage with your customers on these outlets and build trust. People gravitate towards brands that are active and have that elusive human element.

4. Growing Customer Engagement and Relationship Building

Producing content is not just for search engines. The reason that businesses put out articles is to assist, lure, and appeal their potential and current clients – a two bird with one stone effect. By unleashing amazing content, you are going to construct a vibrant community of like-minded people that are dedicated to the very same things.

5. SEO is longlasting, PPC is not.

Pay-per-click advertisement campaigns are fantastic for exposing your company when you’re starting out. PPC can be very costly, and it can generate incredible results. However, once PPC is turned off, and your SEO is weak, you will likely not be visible in search engines. It has been proven that advertisements see less clicks than organic ranks. It is good to implement a combination of both SEO and PPC.

More Visibility, More Longer Clicks, More Backlinks.

The more visibility you have online, the better your business will perform. If you would like to increase these factors, then you have to be in it for the long haul. There are so many factors, such as your meta-data, page speed, SSL certificate and backlinks, and that is only the surface of it all. SEO is a fast developing sector, so jump on it and be found!


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